The use of quality timber brings a durable product. Each tree has its own character and structure It is used in different areas according to this structure.


About: Carving is one of the most suitable tree, the table legs, in context, is used in some parts of the instrument. Despite the fact that the highest stability when dried wood is very soft and not too much.


About: Heavy firm, tight tree. Easy Difficult cleaved processed. In dry environment resistant. It is resistant to insects and micro-organisms. It is not suitable for use in buildings. In a more preferred coating and massive furniture.





About: Oak lumber, doors, windows, stairs, exterior and interior of the building is also used as flooring in construction. Hand tools, handle, ship, boat, bridge and pier are preferred as hard ukraine direct use of oak timber structure.


About: The value of walnut wood, irregular, and due to the fact that a mixed color multiform. Walnut anatomical, physical, mechanical and processing properties with good ability to be polished having a high decorative wood. Therefore, mainly the production of massive furniture and coatings, are considered as a rifle stock and pistol grip of the gun industry, parquet production, sports equipment, in making musical instruments, carvings and has been used in many places


About: Using as moldings in the construction, manufacturing joinery, furniture and decoration, in making packing crates, Molded board, flag poles, fences, piles of kindling and is used as firewood.


About: As Roofing Materials in the Construction Mold, Door Wing Inside Material, Packaging Fund are used in construction.








About: Beech especially wood furniture, panels, sporting goods, toys, coil, tool handles, in turning in the manufacture of musical instruments, flooring, plywood, decorative veneer sheet, the barrel industry, fiber, and as the paper timber, the body construction, charcoal, wood tar, acetic acid obtained and if it is used for making impregnated sleepers.


About: The best for boats and pier construction because it is resistant to water, natural and solid structure. Wooden house construction is the preferred choice subject in all kinds of decoration and window casings, siding, flooring, decks, pergolas and gazebos applications, garden tables, in making chairs and playpens, because of its similarity to be decorative and oak trees, it has been extensively used in furniture making. massive panels, also available from chestnut wood, wood is used in every field; In furniture manufacturing, in the production of stairs, benches in the construction of schools, the construction of the divider wall panel, home and office decoration, or deck and cabin construction; A decorative appearance is preferred because solid can be used in many fields.




About: Timber, furniture, construction, etc. Spruce timber used as intermediate goods and products in the sectors is a very light and easily processed tree species. It has the ability to be polished and screwed.



About: Iroko is used as floor coverings in outdoor applications requiring durability and longevity, decorative top surface finishes as cut sheeting boards, furniture, parquet construction, interior and exterior parts of buildings, doors, windows, small ships, wagons, garden furniture It is used as an outdoor parquet.



About: It is widely used in shipboard deck coatings. It is used in interior and exterior carpentry works in furniture production, door, window chests, paneling, parquet, garden furniture, acid resistant and chemical coatings, laboratory tables, decorative top surface covering plates in plywood construction, carving and turning.