For the parquets; Each type of wood has its own distinguishing characteristics like every other natural material.

Which product you find close to your tastes, meet your expectations and cover your needs show that you actually made your preference on one of these characteristics.

A bold and elegant design is achievable through particular touches even with woods that reflect the nature in the best way possible while making any environment cozy with their unique pattern.

Just like any living space that reflects its owner’s character and lifestyle, the floorings you choose give meaning to the living space that becomes one with your life while creating a unique style.


MapleAmerican WalnutTeak
WalnutDoussieIrokoIroko R-30
BeechBeech R-30Merbau R-30Oak Natural
Oak E-25Oak G-36Oak R-30Oak R-40
Oak R-53Oak R-55Oak R-56Smoked Oak R-T4
Rustic OakSapelliWengeZingana