Our product range mainly vegetable oils processed with water steam distillation and cold pressing method), food extracts (supplements, creams, milled products, and herbal syrups. In addition, most of the products Produced are sold across 4 continents in the world.

Combining traditional methods with modern technology and producing products in Turkey's leading herbal treatment is a reliable company. Herbal products manufactured according to GMP guidelines and ISO standards in our facilities istoc TSE in drug sensitivity .

One 390.000 there are plant species in the world. Chichewa crops or plants, leaf, stem, and seeds such as parts, makes it easier to concentrate without compromising the simplicity of selecting based on their effects, and capsules, tablets, tea bags, or by converting into powder form by methods such as cold pressing of the seeds with the removal of the oil, herbal food supplements produces. The overall objective of a herbal food supplement that provide the property without destroying the plants by providing more of the active ingredients and pure supplement the nutrients that our body we need to log.

Herbal products, without losing the naturalness plants are produced, and contain the natural components in the plants. Quality and reliability well-known brands, recommended as a suitable product for your intended use, if you use that will help you achieve the results you want to achieve. With each passing day the number of users of herbal food supplements in the whole world there is a great increase. Today, malnutrition, or herbal supplements to their diet in addition there are many people who for different reasons use.

All of our products ;

The content of wheat, gluten, salt, starch, yeast, dairy products, and there are not.

Synthetic coloring, artificial flavoring or preservatives does not contain.

People who have sensitivity to these substances, and is suitable for use by vegetarians.

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Herbal Products

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