Guipure, Lace, Festoon, Lez, Collarette has been used as an accessory for many years as an important part of human life. The sweeping journey, which started with the history of fish nets, continued through many changes, such as the day. It is possible to give an example to the first embroidery process of fishing net designs, although it is not known when the first gust or lace appeared. While the cages that make up traditional fishing nets and knots in the corner of these cages are a great example for sweeping, today we are able to make sweeping designs that keep people in awe thanks to modern technology and hand work.
One of the most preferred methods of creating highly remarkable designs on a textile is accessory use, so our company is actively monitoring this need. The use of stones, borders and laces is very common in every piece of clothing used, such as dresses, blouses, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, socks, shawls and scarves. Markers always want to follow innovative and trendy designs, they prefer. At this point, quality, design, technology and production capacity play a major role in these specialty products in selecting suppliers.






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