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We have been serving since 2012 to make your business easier, reliable, quality and reach the right products. Creating value for our customers, responding to expectations with quality and stability is our first priority. It is a part of our strategy and culture to fully understand the needs of our customers, to respond with abroad perspective, and to live continuously with customer focus. To behave with good intentions and understanding with fair, "win-win" principle in all our relations

Marketing and Sales Service

Introducing our or yours products to the world market
Finding customers or buyers for products from abroad
Regulation and follow-up of required correspondence
Completing the necessary preparations for sales/buy operations

Operational Services

Production / order planning support for possible orders
Participation and guidance support
Guidance support for customers coming/going from/to abroad
Support for the preparation of necessary documents and guidance for companies that have never exported before.

Logistics Treasury

Support for freight forwarder, customs broker and bank selection
We provide consultancy and support services in all necessary processes from the introduction of the product to the realization of the sales process from the customer.

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As GoodsTurk, it is our main goal to increase the share of our country in the foreign trade market by providing communication between the importers working in different fields, producing or selling in the country and the importers abroad in order to benefit more and more from the increasing trade volume in the global market.

In line with this target, we offer a comprehensive service network to companies that want to open abroad. Especially, we have been helping to introduce foreign companies and products which have never exported before and to enter international markets. We provide the same services for the companies that are currently exporting and have access to more and different customers.

In short, the world trade in Turkey’s exports te to increase its market share and to promote Turkish products abroad and the quality of our greatest aspirations.

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Why Our Products

Our Principles For Producers & Buyers
Quality & Responsibility

Quality & Responsibility

We are administrating all sales or buy activities for all export / import products of organization and ensure achievement of all export / import sales target and analyze all company objectives and negotiate on prices to achieve same and maintain knowledge on all competitor activities. We are collaborating with marketing departments to analyze all market activities and manage all communication with technical departments and perform various tests in products and ensure optimal quality of all products and design all export market rules and regulations to mitigate all risks.



Our goal is increasingly understood the links between trade and sustainable development, and new environmental and social trade requirements are emerging on a regular basis. Compliance with these standards has become necessary to maintain market access and brand reputation. That's why it is our priority to ensure the sustainability of the products you buy from us. We promise, We work to ensure that you will never have to look back at your work.

Timing & Verifiability

Timing & Verifiability

You have to know, at the end of the day, timing is simply a function of finding the right balance between supply and demand, and these are only techniques used to achieve this goal. To make your job easier, you need to find the sweet spot when it comes to supply and provides the track you need to trade off before merging into a market. If you get your timing right, you can face a lot of other things wrong.For doing that, we are observing timing conditions and doing right regulations for your business. Just sit your chair, relax and feel comfortable for doing business with us!

Some Of Our Products

Wooden Furniture

Why Wooden Furniture? There is no household area that doesn’t suit the warmth, richness, comfort and finesse of wooden furniture. Tables, chairs, bed frames, shelves, chests of drawers, cupboards and even ornaments—the advantages of wooden Read more…


Veneer; There are many domestic, imported, soft and hardwood logs classified by daily quality and production priority. They are regularly wetted by the sprinkler system depending on seasonal conditions. For this reason, it is ensured Read more…

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